Cool things you can get for free without stepping away from your computer (that will help with school)

This one’s for the Singaporeans, and is lovingly dedicated to the National Library Board (Singapore).

Cool things you can get for free without stepping away from your computer

1. Anything from the NLB’s eResources

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Log in with your NRIC.
Step 3: Go crazy!

Right, the one brilliant thing that top English and literature students can use is the hallowed Oxford English Dictionary (Online). It’s one monster of a dictionary. Here’s a picture to blow your mind (image credit: Oxford University Press).

Yes, that monster series of books is ONE dictionary. I only recommend this for top students because the amount of information in the OED is a little bit too much for people just starting to learn the language. It is especially useful for people who are studying old English (like Shakespeare), because the OED keeps track of words that have fallen out of usage .

For learners, I would recommend the simpler Merriam-Webster dictionary and thesaurus. But the users of the OED can always look at you guys and go, “teehee! Mine’s bigger than yours!”

There are MANY other things that one can get from the NLB eResources, but I won’t go that much into detail, unless my readers make some kind of request. I think it is enough to say that the NLB eResources gives you almost as much as any university out there. Yes, the NLB gives you access to the hallowed JSTOR archives.

2. The Overdrive app

This one’s for everybody. It’s NLB’s best-kept secret, but now I’m busting it wide open! Hurhur. It’s the Overdrive app for iPhone, Android, and everything else that goes “click”.

Step 1: Google “NLB Overdrive”
Step 2: Click and log in (you’ll need your NRIC again)
Step 3: Go crazy! 😀

Q: Stephen King, Michael Crichton, Dan Brown — what do they have in common?
A: You can get their books on the Overdrive app.


Actually, maybe I do. You might want to find out what you should be reading here and here. So, enjoy your free things, and thank me later!

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