Implementing tips #1 and #2, or how to make sure your teacher doesn’t murder you

Did anyone raise an eyebrow at the fact that I recommended doing math homework in an English class? Well, you should have.

Ordinarily, teachers don’t like it (they hate it!) when students do unrelated work in class. So, most of the time, it isn’t a terribly nice thing to be doing math homework in an English class, or vice versa. How do we circumvent this problem? By being nice.

Get permission from your teacher to move on to other tasks if you need to, and explain that it is because you want to make full use of your time. Most teachers will be happy that you’re such a hardworking, driven student. Some teachers may give you additional, more difficult tasks related to the lesson. If you find yourself cringing at the thought of having to complete a more difficult task, think about it this way: your teacher is helping you increase your chances of an eventual A. It’ll be worth it.

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