Private Tuition

The basics are the same for everyone: use the dictionary, read widely, learn exam skills, and enjoy yourself while doing all of that. If you struggle with the basics, or if you feel like you have a good grasp of them and still want to go further, private tuition with me can always help. Even with over 20 years of experience (I got started in 2001!) as an educator, I still find joy in the human messiness of teaching. 

Every learner has different needs, so every student’s experience with me will be different. Find out more about my teaching experience here, or contact me at 97700557 (WhatsApp/Telegram) or

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Editing & Proofreading

Whether you’re a professional novelist who needs a fresh pair of eyes to look over your manuscript, a publishing company desperately trying to rescue a project being rushed to the final proof stage, or a writer needing guidance at every step, I can help.

As an editor, I try to understand the intended meanings behind your text and help you avoid accidentally saying what you don’t mean. Sometimes we can’t spot the fact that “to exorcise” isn’t “to exercise”, but I’ll try my best to exorcise your copy of all errors.

GP/'A' & 'O' Level Private Tuition

Beyond drilling the TYS, we will explore methods of learning that are self-sustaining and organic enough to propel learners into their next stage of education

Building strong reading and interpretive skills are key here, especially if the student plans on studying literature at the higher levels

Exam skills are key here and because of the heavy demands of the A-levels, we want to leverage on everything the student knows, from prior knowledge to information related to their H2 subjects

A framework for reading will be constructed, together with scaffolding for the deeper skills the exams require at this level

With the variety of demands that these syllabuses bring, we work at basic skills together with the school’s approach to help students engage as deeply as possible with the given material

Essays & Other Musings