The joy of doing nothing.

Do nothing. Don’t look at your phone, drop the video games, deliver yourself from panicked overwork.

Sit, and enjoy being alive. Stand, and enjoy breathing.

No, not even that.

Do nothing. Your mind is overworked, over-entertained, oversaturated with the pap of the online age.

Stop. Turn off your devices. Turn off your cravings.

Do nothing. Stopping is doing something, doing nothing is doing something, but do nothing! (The mind says no, the mind says yes)

The joy of doing nothing is joy itself.

Joy. Find that foreign familiar frisson, flowing, vibrating through veins, murmuring through muscle.

Do nothing. The divine mystery awaits.

The joy of doing nothing.

One thought on “The joy of doing nothing.

  1. Zen poem: “Sitting quietly, doing nothing.
    Spring comes and the grass grows by itself.”

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