Performance vs Precision

One of my old band members once said of me: “The reason I like Kevin’s playing is not that he’s technical. He’s not. He’s not the fastest player I’ve ever seen, I think (our old bassist) was faster. But while (our old bassist) was faster, Kevin’s playing is just more entertaining. With (our old bassist), it felt […]

The Problem With Singlish and Singaporean Education

A fellow tutor-blogger has just written a piece about code-switching and the mastery of languages that anyone intending to master a language should read (that’s all of you, young ones). It jogged a few thoughts about a typical Singaporean student’s experience, and how badly disadvantaged they (we) are. It is perhaps unfair to blame Singaporeans for […]

On tuition, pricing, and schools

I’ve recently been discussing tuition and pricing with a whole bunch of people — relatives, potential students, tuition centres, and also fellow tutors. Money can be a sensitive topic, so my apologies in advance to anyone I may offend. But here’s the thing. Bad tuition is just a waste of money, even if it’s $1 […]

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