[Situational Writing] How to become a good letter writer? First, become a good letter reader.

I know there are a bunch of people out there who think I’m a good writer. I’m not. I’m competent at best, but I count among my friends a writer who must become famous if there is any justice in the world. Yeoh Jo-Ann’s short story “Delivery” was quietly published in 2021 in the anthology […]

To what extent is charitable giving desirable? (A-level GP 2021 Paper 1 Q5)

To what extent is charitable giving desirable? The era of anthropogenic climate change is firmly upon us, and people are already suffering from heat waves and droughts. Making things worse, some cannot afford air-conditioning or bottled water because of the problem of poverty. Even in this sociopolitical context, some have argued that charitable giving is […]

‘Power these days lies more with the people than the politicians.’ To what extent is this true?

‘Power these days lies more with the people than the politicians.’ To what extent is this true? [GP essay] 2022 has been yet another unprecedented year in a series of unprecedented years. Russia is openly waging war on Ukraine, apparently against the wishes not only of the international community but also against the wishes of […]

Can house fires be political?

Can house fires be political? It was a surprise for me recently to see Rice Media’s Politics section featuring this headline: “The Best Housewarming Gift You Can Give Today Is a Fire Extinguisher“. Sometimes, everyday concerns that don’t seem like they could be dealt with at the national level can end up being political. But […]

‘Young people are changing the world for the better.’ What is your opinion?

Talk of therapy and counselling seems to be more widespread these days, as young people are becoming much more open to the ideas of mental wellness and taking care of their own mental health. This has arguably resulted in most teenagers and young adults being more careful with each other’s well-being too. It is my […]

Some comments on the change in the O-level English syllabus for 2023 (Paper 1, Continuous Writing, 1128 vs 1184)

The syllabus is changing again! Over the years, my little website has gotten attention mainly for my essays, but I’m feeling a little bit uncomfortable with them now that the syllabus will change for those taking the O-level exams in 2023 (though 5N and repeat 4E students will be taking the old 1128 syllabus in […]

Take care of yourself for optimal performance

Hi there! Before you continue reading, just take a moment to see if you need a little bit of water, or if you need to visit the toilet, or anything else like that. For those of us who are stressed out about our work and our lives, it’s very easy to forget that we don’t […]

Parents often believe that it is better to be safe than sorry. Do you consider young people to be too protected? (2013 O-level English Paper 1, Syllabus 1128)

Sometimes it feels like hard work being a child. Students have many complaints these days: too much homework, too many restrictions, too much anxiety, and so on. It is perfectly possible that we complain so much because we have been too protected by our parents and society, but I think the picture is a bit […]

‘People can only be happy if they feel they are treated fairly.’ Do you agree? (2019 O-level English Paper 1, Syllabus 1128)

Happiness is an elusive thing. Some people find happiness in their daily cup of coffee, and others in a good meal, and some even claim to have never been happy before. What makes many of us unhappy, of course, is unfair treatment. Still, I feel that people are capable of being happy even if they […]

To what extent is human life in general about the survival of the fittest? (A-level GP 2020 Paper 1, Q2)

To what extent is human life in general about the survival of the fittest? When we ask what human life is about we are asking two things, in the main: firstly, what the structure of the world is as it stands especially in terms of the realities we have to deal with; secondly, what the […]

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