Something, somewhere, went terribly wrong (a short story)

The bloodstains seemed pretty obvious to me. The car was travelling against the flow of traffic. Or whatever traffic there would have been, if it hadn’t been so late. Human beings are 70% water, right? 70ish, anyway. And it was pretty obvious where this waterbag went “poof”, and where the impact came from.

“Sir, the fella lying la.”
“I know la, but.. this guy is rich. Facebook, YouTube kinda rich, you know?”

A shout from 50 metres away: “Sir, wallet! Got IC!… Uh, HDB address!”

— — —

“Come on, this guy’s a nobody. Look, I know his family’s gonna be sad. Let’s say they find 10 million dollars in their bedroom, and they leave me alone, OK? I’ll pass you the cash now, I can wire it to you. All you have to do is to let me disappear. I can have an alibi, easy, and we can all be happy.”

“But uh, sir, got witness la. You see my boys.. they know, la.”

“Well, why not let’s make it 20 million, and we’ll call it even, alright?”

“Uh.. OK, OK. Thank you, sir.. I.. Umm.. You transfer the money now?”

“Yes, I’ll do it right away, not to worry, my man!”

— — —

It was finally classified as an unsolved hit-and-run. We were there. We saw the scene. We saw the man. 8 million for the family, the other 12 million split equally among the three of us who were there.

He believed that we were all less than human.

Something, somewhere, went terribly wrong (a short story)

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