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To what extent is charitable giving desirable? The era of anthropogenic climate change is firmly upon us, and people are already suffering from heat waves and droughts. Making things worse, some cannot afford air-conditioning or bottled water because of the problem of poverty. Even in this sociopolitical context, some have argued that charitable giving is […]

‘Power these days lies more with the people than the politicians.’ To what extent is this true? [GP essay] 2022 has been yet another unprecedented year in a series of unprecedented years. Russia is openly waging war on Ukraine, apparently against the wishes not only of the international community but also against the wishes of […]

To what extent is human life in general about the survival of the fittest? When we ask what human life is about we are asking two things, in the main: firstly, what the structure of the world is as it stands especially in terms of the realities we have to deal with; secondly, what the […]

In cities near Singapore, like Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, one is bound to meet the Singaporean “national bird”. This creature utters one incessant cry: “So cheap! So cheap!” So many Singaporean tourists get labelled as examples of our “national bird” because we seem to be obsessed with buying things that we perceive as cheap, which […]

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Protected: ‘God is dead.’ Can religion survive in the modern world?

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This post is a response to the article in the link — Dont keep calm! And dont carry on! – Opinion – Al Jazeera English. Mr Seah cares about students, and if you care about students, you have to care about politics as well, because what happens in the political realm impacts students too. If, for example, the […]

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