HEADLINE: Millions working in honest jobs in Singapore

Observers say that most people here earn their money through paid work.
Last updated: 27 May 2014

Singapore’s workforce continues to earn salaries in jobs that require hard work, patience, and Monday mornings. The tradition of rush hour continues as the second quarter of 2014 draws to a close. Analysts say that this is likely to continue into the foreseeable future.

According to the Land Transport Authority (LTA), an average of 4.1 million public transport journeys were made per day in 2012.

Said Dr. Quoteme Allthetime: “We don’t think about it a lot these days, but most people here are honest workers who concentrate on doing what is expected of them. As a people, we care about putting food on the table for our families, so we work, even though it gets difficult sometimes.”

Adding to Dr. Allthetime’s sentiments is Professor Ohno Nobodylefttocallforquotes: “Singaporeans are a very decent bunch. The vast majority of us don’t take bribes. When we see corruption occurring, as a nation we tend to name and shame the wrongdoers quickly, reinforcing the idea that people should work hard for their wealth and money.”

A commuter this reporter spoke to in his head, Mr. Everyday Gotowork is resigned to his fate: “Money go to this loan (sic), that loan (sic), how to not work? Got no work then jialat ah! (very sic)”

Another commuter summed up the sentiment on the ground: “Wah piang, I trying to go to work lah, where got newspaper want to interview me? Who cares? Siam, siam! (very very sic)”

Jialat: to be in a state of trouble
Siam (see-Ahm): get out of the way



Of course this is satire. Let’s all stop to consider what daily exposure to the news really means for us. Are we getting information that is truly important, or are we letting someone else define for us what we should view as “important”? 

HEADLINE: Millions working in honest jobs in Singapore

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