Kevin Seah is a freelance editor and private tutor specialising in teaching General Paper, English, and English literature. In his free time he thinks about God’s love for all.

Full Time Tutor & Freelance Editor

While finishing up musical projects including 2017’s My Love is Blind, this period saw the birth of, a website initially functioning as a dumping ground of sorts for my writing. In the first year of’s online life, I was recognised as an expert tutor by the Domain of Singapore Tutoring Experts. As a freelance editor, I worked with companies in the education, architecture, and technology industries, including a marketing agency attached to one of the FAANG companies (non-disclosure agreements prevent me from naming some of them).

Songwriter, editor, research assistant, private tutor

I successfully started to make enough money as a songwriter and solo performer to treat music as a career in this period, and thereby discovered that I preferred to teach for a living instead. As a research assistant for a team of early childhood educators from the National Institute of Education (NIE) I also got a crash course in formative assessment, an approach to teaching perhaps best described as systematically human. During this period I also picked up experience as an editor working on English textbooks and assessment books for the Singaporean market.

NUS undergraduate and working musician

I attended the National University of Singapore, graduating in 2009 with an honours degree in English Literature. While I managed to be placed on the Dean’s List in my second semester there, I spent much of my time as the bassist for Firebrands (with our music still available on most music streaming platforms), a rock band that almost helped me succeed in making music my career.

Teenaged GP tutor

My private tutoring journey started after I topped my school in GP at the A-levels at a time when I knew almost nothing about teaching. Happily, I encouraged my students then (who mainly were the children of my parents’ friends) to fall in love with reading, since that was the only thing I knew that would consistently help.