Kevin Seah is a freelance editor and private tutor specialising in teaching General Paper, English, and English literature. In his free time he thinks about God’s love for all.

Full-Time Tutor & Freelance Editor

While finishing up musical projects including 2017’s My Love is Blind, this period saw the birth of, a website initially functioning as a dumping ground of sorts for my writing. In the first year of’s online life, I was recognised as an expert tutor by the Domain of Singapore Tutoring Experts. As a freelance editor, I worked with companies in the education, architecture, and technology industries, including a marketing agency attached to one of the FAANG companies (non-disclosure agreements prevent me from naming some of them).

Songwriter, editor, research assistant, private tutor

I started to make enough money as a songwriter and solo performer to treat music as a career in this period, and thereby discovered that I preferred to teach for a living instead. As a research assistant for a team of early childhood educators from the National Institute of Education (NIE) I also got a crash course in formative assessment, an approach to teaching perhaps best described as systematically human. During this period I also picked up experience as an editor working on English textbooks and assessment books for the Singaporean market.

NUS undergraduate and working musician

I attended the National University of Singapore, graduating in 2009 with an honours degree in English Literature. While I managed to be placed on the Dean’s List in my second semester there, I spent much of my time as the bassist for Firebrands (with our music still available on most music streaming platforms), a rock band that almost helped me succeed in making music my career.

Teenaged GP tutor

My private tutoring journey started after I topped my school in GP at the A-levels at a time when I knew almost nothing about teaching. Happily, I encouraged my students then (who mainly were the children of my parents’ friends) to fall in love with reading, since that was the only thing I knew that would consistently help.

What some of my students have said:

2021 IGCSE graduate:
Even though my English literature skills were below average, along with my general knowledge, Mr Seah really helped me to improve in both aspects. He has taught me to the point where I have a good enough foundation and ability to teach myself to a great degree in a variety of other skills. With his help, I attained A grades for both my English and English Literature exams.”

2021 IB graduate:
“Having had Mr Seah as my English tutor throughout IBDP, I developed the skills to think more critically for the essays I had to write. Previously, I was not much exposed to general knowledge and global issues, which are essential for building essay arguments, but Mr Seah helped me to learn more by discussing articles and podcasts during classes. Thanks to Mr Seah’s guidance, I managed to achieve a 7/7 grade for English A Language and Literature.”

2018 A-level graduate:
“Kevin was my GCE ‘A’ Levels General Paper (GP) tutor in 2018. I was studying amidst serving my National Service (NS) obligations, worried that my hectic schedule would hinder me from properly committing to exam preparations. Thankfully, every weekly tuition session I had with Kevin was effectively maximised. He constantly pushed me to develop my critical analysis, comprehension and argumentative skills (alongside interesting discussions on global affairs). Thanks to him, I attained an A for my General Paper. Kevin’s tutelage has taught me that the skills learnt for GP extend beyond the subject itself. I find myself constantly reusing his teachings to evaluate and critically discuss things learnt in my Australian university studies. It’s become second nature! Overseas universities continuously extol these virtues to nurture critical thinking students that re-assess the status quo to bring about beneficial changes. Hence, I am grateful to Kevin for inculcating in me these lifelong skills that have helped me excel all these years. I would certainly recommend him to anyone needing GP tuition. So long as you remain open-minded and work hard, Kevin’s teachings will undoubtedly set you up for long-term success!”