Month: February 2015

Chaos in the streets of Singapore

  Students barricade themselves in Singapore’s Chung Cheng High School, protesting against what they see as “high-handed actions” by the government. Riot police are stationed outside, together with several government officials. Three organizations have been either banned or dissolved in the past months — the Singapore Women’s Association, the Chinese Musical Gong Society, and the Singapore […]

We did it! Sing50 is now offering “honoraria” to their “community performers”!

Congratulations, all you online netizens, denizens, and Citizens of the World! Sing50, who were initially not going to pay the majority of its performers, will now offer honoraria to their “community performers”! (See this post and this clarification for more background information.) Of course, labeling the payment as an “honorarium” is a sneaky way of saying […]

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