The Talented Mr Seah is on iTunes and Spotify as “Kevin Ghosty”

On iTunes and Spotify!

On iTunes and Spotify!

Mr Seah is proud to announce… his first album on iTunes and Spotify! And Bandcamp, for those who wanna download the thing for free — but you can also leave me a small (or large) tip there 🙂

I’ll admit, it feels just a little strange, announcing a musical project on my website that I use to advertise my tuition services, but long-time readers of my website will notice that I’ve been leading up to this, bit by bit, fusing my “Kevin Ghosty” and “Mr Seah” identities slowly but surely. It’s something that only makes sense, since I’ve had opportunities to use music as a teaching tool, especially for my younger students.

I don’t want to talk too much about this, but all you have to do now is to click on one of the links above and listen to my little musical gift to the world. There’s still a (tiny) chance that I’ll have a hit song, and for that to happen, I’ll need all of you reading this to choose your favourite song and share it (LIKE CRAZY) with your friends.