Month: August 2014

Honour (Singapore) and the absence of understanding

[tl;dr] Honour (Singapore) has taken flak for its efforts so far, perhaps unfairly. Being Christian or rich does not immediately equate with dishonesty or malice. Perhaps we should take Honour (Singapore) at their word — that they want to strengthen the nation based on the value of honour.   The tone that local media has taken […]

Doing away with a Singaporean accent (Improving your pronunciation and enunciation for oral examinations)

Short answer: Use the Oxford Dictionaries‘ pronunciation guide. Select “English (UK)” if you want to sound more British, and “English (US)” for the American version. Keep your Singaporean accent, but develop a new one if you need to. Long answer: I’m an English Literature graduate, and I entered NUS with a very, very heavy Singaporean accent. […]

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