Month: July 2014

The joy of doing nothing.

Do nothing. Don’t look at your phone, drop the video games, deliver yourself from panicked overwork. Sit, and enjoy being alive. Stand, and enjoy breathing. No, not even that. Do nothing. Your mind is overworked, over-entertained, oversaturated with the pap of the online age. Stop. Turn off your devices. Turn off your cravings. Do nothing. […]

Pictures vs Words: a response to gptuitionsg’s views

See another powerful response to this question at Mr Steven Ooi’s blog here. (Confession: I could only write this essay because I was able to bounce my ideas off his essay first. This should be a clear message to all students reading this. Read more, it helps.) ‘A picture is always more powerful than mere […]

NLB book withdrawals/destruction: my response in three stories.

Preamble: I’ve been finding it very hard to articulate my views on the NLB book withdrawal/destruction. I’m not a fantastic storyteller, so this has to do for now. Both sides of this war have to understand each other’s pain. That’s the starting point. Then we can talk about democracy and how we want to move forward […]

Agency behind the “my father bet on Germany” anti-gambling ad just played a Jedi mind trick on you

We’ve all seen it by now. “Singapore anti-gambling advert falls flat after Germany win,” screams Channel NewsAsia. Even the Wall Street Journal proclaims: “German Success Unravels Singapore’s Anti-Soccer Betting Ad“. People all over my Facebook feed are gleefully making fun of the advertisement, as if it has somehow failed. Aren’t we missing the point a […]

Alamak! GE2016 coming! (A tongue in cheek guide to writing “wall of text” essays for the general reader)

tl;dr — use tl;dr paragraphs, deal with all the evidence, keep to a single idea per paragraph, don’t assume prior knowledge (assume that your reader is an idiot), end with a bang. Bonus: this is also relevant to O- and A-level students. The principles of writing are the same, just avoid the acronym (tl;dr) and […]

Why we don’t need to panic over that Temasek Junior College photograph

  I understand why a conservative parent would panic if s/he sees notes for students that contain the following statement: “Discrimination based on one’s sexual orientation violates the right for all human beings to be free and equal in dignity and rights.” It is as if schools are “pro-gay” in teaching impressionable young minds. This […]

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