What would happen if everyone in the world became musicians, artists, writers, dancers, performers?

 I suspect that the world would carry on as usual, but with a lot more compassion, because most of us in these professions, these vocations, we can’t pay the bills just by being musicians, artists, and so on. If you meet a musician, s/he’s probably something else as well.

A musician and a teacher at a government school.
A dancer and a layout artist at a publishing company.
A composer and a piano teacher.
The list goes on.

When you understand what it feels like to have to struggle hard to make ends meet, your heart softens a little bit. Perhaps we need more of this:
Politicians who were once struggling artists, who therefore understand what it means to struggle to pay the bills.
CEOs who were once struggling musicians, who therefore pay their employees well.
Teachers who were once dreamers in school, who therefore are less harsh on students who daydream in class.

Perhaps we need a little less condemnation, and a little more empathy. Perhaps you can start right now, by picking up the guitar. Start small! 🙂