Month: March 2014

Fear (a young writer’s journey)

My teachers used to instil a sense of fear into me, when I was learning how to craft essays. I was never to use contractions, I never could write about violence, and trying to write in a fantasy realm was a definite no-go. There were so many rules to writing, so many rules I was so […]

The Problem With Singlish and Singaporean Education

A fellow tutor-blogger has just written a piece about code-switching and the mastery of languages that anyone intending to master a language should read (that’s all of you, young ones). It jogged a few thoughts about a typical Singaporean student’s experience, and how badly disadvantaged they (we) are. It is perhaps unfair to blame Singaporeans for […]

What is your idea of a civilized society? Do you feel that Singapore has achieved that status?

A note on spelling: I am aware that some people insist on spelling “civilized” as “civilised”, in the attempt to stick to a British style of spelling. However, I encourage everyone to check their Oxford Dictionaries for the word “color” (Br: “colour”) and compare that entry to the entry for “civilized”. Not all “z’s” turn […]

A trip down memory lane, and how religion affects my teaching

I took my O-levels in 1999, after spending four years in ACS(I). It was a time when the administration and teachers seemed to take their Christianity very seriously. Even as a teenage boy, I could tell that the prayers did not come from a place of mere duty. The teachers did not seem to drag […]

What would happen if everyone in the world became musicians, artists, writers, dancers, performers?

 I suspect that the world would carry on as usual, but with a lot more compassion, because most of us in these professions, these vocations, we can’t pay the bills just by being musicians, artists, and so on. If you meet a musician, s/he’s probably something else as well. A musician and a teacher at […]

Always something there to remind me

I know, some of you are having massive nostalgic flashbacks now. I’ll wait, heheh. For the rest of you young’uns, follow me. The slightly older people in Singapore (you know, those who still like to believe that they’re young) grew up during a time when Channel 5, the only English channel we got growing up, […]

Something, somewhere, went terribly wrong (a short story)

The bloodstains seemed pretty obvious to me. The car was travelling against the flow of traffic. Or whatever traffic there would have been, if it hadn’t been so late. Human beings are 70% water, right? 70ish, anyway. And it was pretty obvious where this waterbag went “poof”, and where the impact came from. “Sir, the fella lying […]

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