Month: February 2014

You are not alone

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. — Sir Isaac Newton Whether you identify yourself as a student, a teacher, a young parent, a child, or whatever it is, know this: you are not alone. There have been those who have come before you, who have blazed trails […]

Firebrands: a short tale of success, failure, and rebirth

Firebrands was a tiny little band from Singapore that went places. It was a band that managed to get people to pay for them to go to cities near and far — Hanoi, Chennai, Dubai — and yet failed to stay together after a short 5(ish) years together. Firebrands was my band, Firebrands my frehhh-nds (sorry, inside […]

Rainbows (a short story)

The boy looked at the girl and slowly, seriously, and deliberately said, “I wish I could take all your pain, swallow it, and poop rainbows.” The girl blinked once, and frowned. She blinked two more times, and stared at him. What he had just said started to filter down into the part of the brain […]

Why I love reading non-fiction (this one simple trick will add years to your life!)

(First off, apologies for the buzzfeed-y sub-title, but ever since I saw VisakanV make a joke out of it on his facebook, I’ve been doing it in my head as well. It’s entertaining, la!) I recently was reading (listening to) a book that talked about the wisdom of grandparents. If you have people around you […]

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