Month: November 2013

Tuition agencies are bad for us

Tuition agencies are bad for us. They are bad for the tuition ecosystem, they are bad for parents, they are bad for tutors. There are alternatives out there, and we should all be flocking to those alternatives rather than ensuring the continuing success of these tuition agencies. (Tuition agencies are entities that offer matchmaking services […]

TUITION CENTRE OWNERS, TAKE NOTE. If you do this, you are losing potential profits.

Tuition centre owners, listen.. if you are greedy, you will lose profits. By all means, take care of your bottom line. No one is asking us to sink to bankruptcy just to teach. However, if you are already making a healthy profit, don’t go all out to fleece your employees and customers just so that […]

Tip #6: Read at your level (REVEALED! The reason for cloze passage exercises.)

REVEALED! The reason for cloze passage exercises! (Wow!) Right, I’m being sarcastic, because if your teacher hasn’t already told you WHY you do cloze passages, s/he’s forgetting to explain something really, really simple. One reason you do cloze passages is so that your brain gets into the habit of filling words up where there is […]

Tip #5: You are the sum of your choices

(cross-posted in “approaches to teaching” section because parents need to know this too!) You are the sum of your choices. If you choose to eat supersized fast-food meals every single day of your life, you will be unhealthy. You may not be fat if you exercise a lot, but all that sodium and sugar and […]

Education should never JUST be about grades, but…

Education should never JUST be about grades, but the reality of it is that my students are in a system that is very unforgiving for students who don’t perform well. So here’s my solution: I take my cue from my own teachers, the brilliant people whom I’ve had the absolute privilege to be taught by. […]

Tip #3: Hate the bitter taste of regret

I was almost going to name this post “Don’t Be Lazy,” but after some thought, I realised that I would be being hypocritical about it. I’ll be honest, I’m lazy, and I enjoy being lazy. I rationalise my laziness by telling myself that I’m just trying to be efficient, that I want to spend the […]

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