Month: September 2013

“We can’t do without mobile phones today.” What are your views?

Mobile phones are everywhere these days. We see people of all ages — from toddlers in strollers to their grandparents — using mobile phones, particularly the ubiquitous smartphone. We use smartphones to indulge in leisure activities and to work. It certainly seems to me that most people in Singapore nowadays cannot, or dare not, imagine […]

Personal Digital Master (short story)

I wrote this after I watched a video about how computers are becoming more and more like human beings. Think about what we have with the iPhone’s Siri, and social robots. It’s an exciting new frontier, but it holds its dangers as well. Enjoy! “Time to wake up, Harry.” The modulated, market-tested for teenage boys, […]

Implementing tips #1 and #2, or how to make sure your teacher doesn’t murder you

Did anyone raise an eyebrow at the fact that I recommended doing math homework in an English class? Well, you should have. Ordinarily, teachers don’t like it (they hate it!) when students do unrelated work in class. So, most of the time, it isn’t a terribly nice thing to be doing math homework in an […]

Tip #2 for students: be nice

What does being nice have to do with doing well at school or at life? Everything. We have a stereotype of the successful rich person as a backstabbing, unethical, even evil kind of person, and some of us blindly adhere to the stereotype, unconsciously believing that if we’re nasty like successful adults, we’ll be successful […]

‘Time flies…’. Do you always spend your time wisely?

“Time really flies,” my friend remarked, chewing on his food. “Yes, and fruit flies,” I said, grinning like a monkey with a freshly peeled banana. My friend looked at me, blinked a couple of times, gave a mock sigh, and shook his head. It was a joke so bad, it was good. I will fully […]

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